septembrie, 2019

11sep12:00 am11:59 pmPentaBAR #30 // How Agile Can Help You Reach Happiness

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To be #Agile is certainly a quality. You could see it as the ability to “move quickly and easily” or to “think quickly and in an intelligent way”. It’s easy to understand why it was adopted as name for a methodology in software development.
The question is: why wouldn’t we apply the Agile principles in our lives as well? 
 Practice makes it perfect, they say. Let’s be Agile in every possible way! The more we adapt, empower those who are around us, tell our story in a more accurate way, the easier will be for us to stay productive, achieve our goals, and eventually find happiness in what we do. 
 About the speaker
Starting his career as a Java developer in 2002, Vlad G. has been in the IT industry for more than 15 years. He worked as a programmer, mastering several programming languages, then became a project manager, scrum/kanban master. Now he is playing a dual role of Kanban Master and Project Director.

What Vlad is saying about himself on LinkedIn looks like a quality promise: “Through innovation and knowledge, I want to create value – great value – repeatedly. I want to always enjoy and be proud of what I am doing.” 
 Join the PentaBAR #30 edition and let’s build value together! 
As usual, beer-snack-and-everything-nice is included


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