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Run a cross-cloud Kubernetes cluster of clusters


poster Run a cross-cloud Kubernetes cluster of clusters Iaşi

*Event Description

Unite the benefits from what all cloud providers have to offer and create a global Kubernetes cluster that scales worldwide.

*About the speaker

Marius launched NETBEARS almost 3 years ago, with one dream in mind: to build a team of experts trained to tackle any problem and implement the optimum solution which fits the client’s business processes. 

At the moment, he's a full-stack DevOps engineer with experience in making web applications scalable in NodeJS, PHP and Python. 

Although he's a SysAdmin at the core, using the various opportunities he had to code, he ve developed a programmer mindset and can now fully automate infrastructures or debug applications written in JS, PHP and Python. 

Yes, he's the geek kind of company owner, extremely passionate about what he does and fully-dedicated to offering remarkable services and sustainable projects.

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