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Product Management in a box - workshop


poster Product Management in a box - workshop Iaşi

Developer, engineer, entrepreneur or just Product Manager wannabe? This is your chance to shine! 

Whether you are new to this or have a Big Picture about it, this workshop prepares you for success with Product Management in your organization.

Our trainer, Adi Pica, is an experienced Product Manager, entrepreneur, innovation consultant and mentor at several accelerators. He learned the best case practices by working as a Product Manager in SV company and he`s more than ready to share them with you all!

What will you know after this workshop?
-best Product Management tools, techniques and processes
-how do you build a Digital Product from scratch
-how to make your product stand out
-the right metrics and KPIs to a successful product

Ready to demystify Product Management? Then see you on 30th of June - 1st of July at The Grape! Everyone is welcome!

For more details and registration: https://calemis.org/product-management-workshop/

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