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Masterclass: Functional Programming on the JVM


poster Masterclass: Functional Programming on the JVM Iaşi

Most programming languages are gaining functional programming constructs, and the JVM remains a rock-solid base on which to build a wide variety of applications; however, the legacy ties to OOP in the Java programming language itself make many of the more interesting and useful aspects of functional programming difficult to achieve.
In this course we’ll dive into two popular FP languages for the JVM: Scala and Clojure. You’ll learn about the critical features designed into these languages that can take your software to the next level. Both languages have great strengths, but we’ll also talk about the most significant problems that you’ll face when adopting either.

The hands-on portion of the course will concentrate on some of the most significant benefits of working with each.

The content is approachable for all levels of developers. Experience working with Java, Javascript, or C# is recommended.

Course Outline
-First-class persistent data structures
-Improved type system
-Type inference, call-by-name, extended argument lists, implicits
-Libraries of interest
-Weaknesses and Challenges
-Scala.js (browser-based scala)
-Lab: Live coding & code examples that people can run/modify to demonstrate the topics

-Immutable Data Structures
-Extensible Abstractions
-Recursive Looping
-Dynamic Development
-Runtime Polymorphism
-Concurrent Programming
-Clojurescript (browser-based Clojure)
-Lab: Lab: Live coding & code examples that people can run/modify to demonstrate the topics

-A review of pros/cons, naming specific use-cases for each language.
-Objective comparison: How to talk to others about the pros/cons

The trainer

Tony Kay is a seasoned developer with over 30 years of experience. He’s been working with Java since its initial public release, and designed and wrote curriculum for a company in the 90’s that was purchased by Sun Microsystems based on the quality of his Java courses. He spent many years refining his testing skills on the JVM platform, and has taught those techniques professionally for a number of years. He currently runs the consulting company Fulcrologic, LLC in the United States and does a lot of work using the functional programming language Clojure.

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