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Inter-Academia 2017


poster Inter-Academia 2017 Iaşi

The International Conference on Global Research and Education, Inter-Academia is an annual event organized every autumn by the Inter-Academia community, since 2002. This conference promotes the Inter-Academia philosophy among professors, researchers and students from the partner institutions – Shizuoka University, East-Central and Eastern European universities.

In 2017, the conference will be hosted by “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania. The main goal of Inter-Academia 2017 is to provide a well-articulated international forum to review, stimulate, and understand the recent trends in both fundamental and applied research, along with the associated educational programs and training for students. Besides the interest in recent research results, the conference aims to strengthen the cooperation between the partners of Inter-Academia community towards new theoretical and practical advances in research.

Following the good practice learned from the last years, a special session for young researchers and students will be included in the Inter-Academia 2017 program, which will offer a chance to young talents to introduce their research as short oral presentations followed by a poster session. Awards will be given to the best contributions.

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