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Fun & Fearless Codecamp Iasi track


poster Fun & Fearless Codecamp Iasi track Iaşi

An unusual Codecamp track, with smaller 15 minute sessions and other events in between the speakers, such as open mike sessions, when anyone can just walk up and talk for up to 5 minutes, no registration needed. We’ll also watch movie clips and have some, how can we put it, interesting snacks. 

The overall theme is personal experiences about the unusual, the unscripted, about when things didn't go as planned, about the new and the unexpected. 

Free registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/codecamp-iasi-24-march-2018-registration-41078243131
We’d appreciate a 'Joining', Like or share to spread the news! 

Room 6, floor -1

The speakers agenda is:

- 10:30 Mircea Tzury Serediuc: “Let's just do it!”
- 11:30 Tudor Gându: “Business as (Un)Usual: hidden stories of The Grape”
- 11:50 Mădălina Bejinariu: “Miles, Mud And Medals”
- 12:30 Andrei Postolache: “3 small numbers from Iași IT I obsess about: startups, leaders and weirdos”
- 14:00 Marius Ursache: “How to go from being a couch potato to running a full marathon in North Korea in 40 days”
- 15:00 Raluca Macovei: “50 Shades of shaking”
- 15:20 Gabriel Pogor: “Want to win the lottery? First, buy a ticket” 
- 16:00 Ciprian Comșa: “Let's reinvent a masters program”
- 17:00 Panel: O treabă încâlcită: cum am ajuns ce nu credeam că vom fi; alegeri neconvenționale, cu Marius Ursache, Raluca Macovei, Mircea Tzury Serediuc, Mădălina Bejinariu, Gabi Pogor, Ana Bandaș, Ciprian Comșa, Tudor Gându. Moderator Andrei Postolache

Open mike sessions: 11:00, 13:00, 14:30, 16:30

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