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Creative Minds | The 10th edition


poster Creative Minds | The 10th edition Iaşi

It's been 3 years since we first introduced the Creative Minds community concept to the public. In the first 9 editions, more than 300 passionate people have connected and learned from each other about what it takes to be a better person and professional, about the newest technologies and practices in IT. 
The 10th edition is a great occasion to celebrate, so we took this opportunity to give everyone interested the possibility to get an invitation to the event and to evolve the Creative Minds visual concept.

This open edition of Creative Minds, about In-memory databases, will feature Radu Pinzaru, Senior Applications Management consultant at Endava, as a speaker. 

Join us in browsing through the existing technologies (on-premise and cloud) offered by the main players on the market and in debating about how your application can rely on this hybrid topology. We will also look at how data is stored in memory, about the main differences between traditional database architecture versus in-memory, the main advantages as well as limitations and – Radu’s favorite part - about the use of in-memory in a multitenant environment. 

Let’s pair this with a large cup of coffee and mouthful of good conversation and boost your Tuesday morning. 

Keep /*+ INMEMORY */ 16th of October 2018, 9.00 AM, at Sofia Sky Lounge. See you there!

The seats are limited and access is by invitation only. Get your own invitation to the event here: https://bit.ly/2yaiPaH!

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