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6th Anniversary #winelover community


poster 6th Anniversary #winelover community Iaşi

For those who want to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Winelover community and cannot reach Tarragona, we, the Romanian winelovers we gladly offer you the opportunity to join us in Iasi, in the northeast of Romania. Between 16-18 February, you can visit the Cotnari Cellars –one of the biggest traditions in Romania, as well as one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe, Iasi. The BYOB eveningwill be on February 17th.

Below you'll find some information about Iasi city and history:

• The first Romanian University, "Al. I. Cuza" University, was founded in Iaşi, at the initiative of Prince Alexander Ioan Cuza, with the support of Mihail Kogalniceanu. Octomber 1897
• The first Romanian National Theatre, the National Theatre "Vasile Alecsandri" was built in Iaşi (1894-1896
• The first Romanian monument, the Lei Obelisk was located in November 1834
• First printing from a Romanian territory, a liturgy (1508)
• First botanical Garden of the Romanian Principalities (Iaşi, 1856)
• The first natural History Museum in the Romanian Principalities (Iaşi, 1834)

• The first Jewish theatre in Romania and the world was established (Iasi, 1876) • The first university Medical school in Romania, the School of Surgery was founded in Iaşi, by Nicolae Negura and inaugurated on 30 November 1859
• The Great Synagogue, the first Jewish prayer house in Romania was built in Iaşi (1659-1670). 

We'll come soon with details.
Organizers: Daniela Buzincu & Razvan Stoenescu

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